March 26, 2016

DunRobin Weekender - 26 March 2016
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March 26, 2016

On Angel Investing

"Questions from Some of Chicago’s Top Backers: What Investors Want to Know" - RJ Pahura of Venture Connects asks a number of prominent Chicago VCs what their key question is for entrepreneurs, and discusses what they are looking for in the entrepreneur's answer.
"Interview With Jason Calacanis: Investor In Uber" - Tyler Willis, Angel Investor interviews Jason Calacanis to learn the best way to allocate capital at the seed-stage and how to use syndicates to improve your odds as a new investor
"How to Select Your Angel Round Valuation"Angel Investor Jason Calacanis discusses the importance of valuing your startup attractively when seeking an angel round

On Entrepreneurship

"Illusions of scale: does 1 x 3 = 2, 3 or 4?" - Guy Turner of Hyde Park Ventures discusses how the results of scaling a business can evolve in numerous ways, and provides a checklist to help benchmark your progress.
"The Storytelling Thesis" - Brett Bivens of Visible VC builds a framework for telling your company's story and discusses the importance
"Content is Eating the World" - Joe Coleman of Contently provides the commandments for content marketing to help businesses know what to write, what to track, and what their objective is

Illinois Rounds Closed:

  • HighGround: $7.6M
  • Cumulus Funding: $6M
  • OfficeLuv: $3.8M
  • IPR International: $1.29M
  • Response Team 1: Undisclosed
  • BenefitExpress: Undisclosed
Other Midwest Rounds Closed:
  • Adarza BioSystems: $14.05M
  • QM Power: $9.06M
  • Clarivoy: $2.21M
  • MDC: $1M
  • Pikazo: $500K
  • ClubReady: Undisclosed
  • TCP Cloud: Undisclosed

Major Tech News:

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