February 27, 2016

DunRobin Weekender - 27 February 2016
February 27, 2016

On Angel Investing

"The Impact Of A Changing Venture Environment On Startup Fundraising Terms" - The median growth in startup valuation has fallen from a high of 74% in Q2 2015 to 39% in Q4
"The Case Against Startups Raising As Much Money As Humanly Possible" - The most innovative businesses are sometimes built at times of need and on a shoestring budge
"Whats Next in Computing?" - Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz looks at the next big change in computing by using the past to extrapolate the future

On Entrepreneurship

"The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers"Peter Reinhardt of Segment draws from his extensive evaluation of tools toshare how and when resource-constrained startups should select them
"Telling a good story is everything" - Jason Toff of Vine lists some of the lessons he has learned to be true while being a General Manger
"The Most Powerful Lesson I’ve Ever Learned In Business" - Mike McCue of FlipBoard advises that when making a judgment call, first you should start by agreeing with your team on the facts, and then let those guide your decision

Live DunRobin Raises:

  • Xerion Advanced Battery: $1M

Chicago Rounds Closed:

  • Fooda: $5.9M
  • Greenlight Planet: $5M
  • Vanquish Oncology: $1M
  • Earshot: $775k
  • AdShift: $650k

Major Tech News:

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