May 21, 2016

DunRobin Weekender - 21 May 2016
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May 21, 2016

On Markets & Investing

Jeff Carter: "The Path To Exit - Jeff Carter of HPA and West Loop Ventures discusses the importance of startup exits for founders, investors, and employees.
"7 Things I Learned In My First Year of VC" - Rohen Sood of Reinventure Group writes about his experience at a new early-stage venture capital firm with only one investment
"The Big Short 2.0" - Bryan Birsic of Wunder Capital looks at whether the impending clean energy revolution will cause the next financial crisis. 

On Growing

Hyde Park Angels: "Win the Startup PR Game" - Alida Miranda Wolfe of HPA discusses the best strategies for attracting media attention for your early-stage startup.
"Find, Vet and Close the Best Product Managers" - explains how startups can define the type of PMs they need, source candidates, ask the right interview questions, and convince them to come work for you.
"The Stress of Growth" - Marc Barros of Moment talks about how growth is the quiet killer of startups and outlines a few ways to manage it.

Portfolio News:

Major Tech News:

Illinois Rounds Closed:

  • Renovo Financial: $25M
    • Victory Park Capital
  • itemMaster: $4.36M
  • Semantify: $2.2M
    • Bridge Investments
    • KDWC Ventures
    • KGC Capial
Other Midwest Rounds Closed:
  • SmartChoice MRI: $7M
  • Wellfount: $3.21M
  • Jool Health: $1.1M
  • B-Mo Gen Biotech: $1.03M
  • SpeechVive: $975k
  • Selequity: $590k
  • Chefs for Seniors: $125k
  • udiospace: $50k

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