April 30, 2016

DunRobin Weekender - 30 April 2016
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April 30, 2016

On Angel Investing

The VC ecosystem: It's all about teamwork
"It's All About Teamwork" - Guy Turner: "We look for two models in teams, young teams with market experience and serial entrepreneur teams in any industry" 
Jeff Carter: "A Moral Case for Breaking the Law" - Jeff Carter of West Loop Ventures discusses the civil responsibility of startups to take on unjust laws.
"Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business" - Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures explains how focussing on the wrong startup metrics and a relaxed attitude towards payback period can kill even well financed startups.

On Entrepreneurship

"Two Monkeys were Paid Unequally" - Two monkeys hilariously display the importance of "perceived fairness" in payment guidelines.
"The 10 Most Popular Startup Revenue Models" - Joe Garza of Founder Institute publishes an extensive guide that lists some of the most commonly used revenue models and the pros and cons of each
"If you know what you want to be in the future, start being it now" - The best training for any job is doing that job

Major Tech News:

Illinois Rounds Closed:

  • ItemMaster: $1.9M
  • INXPO: $1.38M
Other Midwest Rounds Closed:
  • Ionic: $8.5M
  • Brainport Tech: $2.4M
  • ilos: $1.5M
  • viperks: $1.2M
  • Nexosis: $1.1M
  • ENT Biotech Solutions: $1.1M
  • Atterx Biotheraputics: $375k
  • SteadyMD: $215k
  • HydroMax USA: Undisclosed

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