Why DunRobin?

The Problem: 

There are over 8 million people in the United State who are eligible to invest in startup companies, but only around 0.5% of them have access to great investment opportunities.  At the same time, Midwestern startups are starving for investmentcapital.  

The Solution:

DunRobin Ventures, a company with a strong network and the ability to source, identify, and responsibly fund the best startup investments.

1)      to Democratize Angel Investing

Currently Angel Investing is a game of clout.  It is about whom you know and how much money you can invest that determines whether you ever see the best deals.  There is even a term for it, smart money and dumb money, and it hurts the average angel.

At DunRobin we work to make everyone’s money “smart”, regardless of your background, and provide access to only the best deals in the region.

2)      to Help Startups

We don’t just provide our entrepreneurs money. We provide expertise, connections, and guidance in a broad range of categories to help them become successful.

3)      to Build a Community

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to build a successful startup, and we’re working to build that community right here in the Midwest.  A successful startup community must have a number of different supporting services, such as incubators, accelerators, human capital, funding, and corporate support functions, all of which we support and help our companies access. It’s good for our companies, and ultimately it’s good for the startup community, and ultimately it’s good for our region.

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