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With our platform, we've transformed the challenge of becoming a successful angel investor into a simple four step process:

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  • There are no fees required to join the DunRobin Community.

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Browse Opportunities

  • Read through our detailed company profiles, get your questions answered, and do your own research.

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Diversify your Portfolio

  • Startups are a high risk investment.  Diversifying can significantly reduce the volatility involved in startup investing.  We are industry agnostic to provide you with opportunities to diversify accross management teams and industries.

Step 3: Invest in Startups


  • Fund your investment by check, bank wire, or online through our secure web portal.

Low Minimums

  • Minimum Investments start at $2,500 to enable diversification in your startup portfolio

Legal Documents

  • Seamlessly sign and return the required legal documents online by using your E-Signature.

Step 4: Stay Involved

Track your Investments

  • Use our Investor Dashboard to track your unrealized and realized returns for each investment.

Company Updates

  • Access company news and find out about achievements and roadblocks
  • Provide additional value by offering strategic contacts, feedback, and expertise

DunRobin Events

  • DunRobin holds periodic events in select cities.  Join us!

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