Welcome to DunRobin Ventures - Beta Launch!

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Hello, and welcome to DunRobin Ventures! 

Today we are launching our live beta and are excited to provide access to the best Midwestern startups to the angel community. 

Jon and I, DunRobin's co-founders, are passionate about changing the world we live in through new ideas.  As serial entrepreneurs , we have been involved in both sides of the funding process for the majority of our careers. But nine months ago, we hit a wall, because the deck is stacked against ordinary angel investors. 

Venture capital and angel investing is broken -- the best opportunities go to the established VC funds, vetting and managing is time-consuming, and both founders and funders in the Midwest are forced to compete with Silicon Valley. We kept hearing the same thing: "We see a lot of deals, but they're not the best deals nor do we have time to devote to them, and they're not close to home."

It's time to change angel investing.  It's time to build a Venture Capital group that delivers, funds, and manages the best deals for angel investors. And let's build this community in America's heartland.

Today, we are launching DunRobin Ventures, the only online equity crowdfunding platform that is a Venture Capital firm.  We already are sourcing several outstanding deals for our members, and many of the best VCs in the world are getting in on the action.

We welcome you to view these opportunities and even to fund your first investment.  Here is the link to our registration page.  Have questions, ideas, or feedback? Send us a message

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.  

Warmest Regards,

Bharat and Jon, the DunRobin Cofounders